01 November 2010

Dear Self;

You are due for a ginormous butt-kicking.

Get yourself in gear and get moving. Exercise today. Practice what you preach. Eat only when you're hungry and eat good food. No junk. Move some more. Get out of this funk before it's too late. You're up 4 lbs due to your lack of mindfulness and trying this last week or so.  You know how to do this. You know you CAN do this. Eating for fun will get those 50 lbs back and you don't want that. You're close to your 235 goal. I know you said you didn't need material rewards, but who the hell are you kidding? You get to 235 and we get an iPod. You know you want it.

Now, get going!

Your fan,


  1. GO GO GO GO GO!!
    it's november.
    Im all about practicing what I preach this month as well.

    we CAN do this.


  2. I'm pretty sure this exact same letter needs to be written to me!

  3. Alright already, I will get going... chugging my tomato juice like I used to chug PBR's in college so I get off my seat cushion and get it done.

    Go Team!

  4. WOO HOO! A new iPod is worth getting your butt in gear! You can do it!

  5. you go girl!!! you can do this!!! you've done awesome so far!

    I'm stoked for November!

  6. I totally love this :-) You go, girl!

  7. Hey...can you send me this same letter???? Love it!


  8. if you need that brush back to spank yourself, let me know. i'll disinfect even!

  9. EWWW! Please don't talk about the brush!


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