31 October 2010

Trick or Treat

Dang, it's cold out.

Sweetie and I tookd kiddo t-o-t-ing and walked what felt like 4 miles but according to activetrainer.com was more like .868 miles. I could've sworn it was more. My hips were really aching. Maybe it was the cold or the small kid-sized steps we were taking. Anyway, we got loads of candy! yay candy! I love candy..  . .do you? (ha - a little joke, asking the obese people if they like candy).

Still the fatigue is hanging on, along with some minor aches and pains but nothing serious. Mostly just tired. I've taken my Paxil/Voltaren/water cocktail and will head off to start reading a novel soon - warm under the blankets where I belong. My biggest wish is that I'm energetic enough to at least do some light exercise tomorrow, and possibly get back with FLYlady and start tackling the dining room.

My kid was dressed as a chef. She carried a big pot/pan in lieu of a treat bag and she got lots of compliments. She's 9. How much longer will she still be into this? Hmmm. . . What did your kiddos dress up as this year?


  1. My girls were both monkeys :) Oh, and I hear you about the cold. It was SNOWING here today in NY state! It didnt accumulate but still...snow???


  2. Son was the Green Lantern, Baby Girl was a giraffe and Step-Daughter was at her Mom's 3 hrs away as a vampire.

  3. I feel you on the walking! I didn't take my pedometer, but it sure felt longer than it probably was. My son was the white ninja from GI Joe. He couldn't care less about the movie, but it came with a sword ;)

  4. My oldest daughter was Princess Leah, my Son was a soldier, and my littlest daughter was a Ninja.

    My oldest daugthers boyfriend (who is probably going to end up being my son in law, and who I already joke about by calling him my adopted son), was a smurf. I very large, very blue smurf...

  5. Can you please send some coldness my way? PUH LEASE! It was 85 last night with no wind whatsoever. Anyways, my kiddos were a zombie and a ninja. I miss the cute outfits of monkeys, bumblebees, and pumpkins.

    PS Very cute idea with the pot! Whose idea was that?


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