31 October 2010

I'm having a fat day

I've heard other people say this and never really "got it" I figured every day as a severely obese woman was a fat day. But oh.my.gawd.

This morning I looked down at my gut and I could've puked I was so disgusted by what I saw. I have no idea where that came from and it's 50 lbs less than it was (give or take a few) but I had never seen it like that. Maybe it's the guilt for not listening to my body and eating junk for comfort due to this weird cold/flu thing I have going on. Today will be a better day, that's for damn sure.


Does shuddering burn calories?


  1. I know just what you are saying. I am down about 65 lbs and every so often I have a fat day too. I call it feeling "frumpy". But dont worry, it gets better. Its probably some water weight.


  2. I think we could all look at the fat remaining and still thing, OMG I am really fat! But we need to think about what we've done and look at pictures. Try to pick up 50lbs and see what that feels like. Have a great day and be positive, you are doing really well!!!

  3. I get days like that too! And then the voices start and the binge urges kick in. I want to crawl in bed with a bag of chips and a sack of candy and never come out again. Be strong - it passes.

  4. Oh, do I ever feel you. I am down 79 pounds and some days I am like, "Hell yeah! I am rocking this and looking so much better!" Then others I am down, feeling even fatter than when I started all of this. I think it is normal. We just have to remember to not allow it to undermine us. :)

    And yes, I do believe that shuddering does, indeed burn calories. :D

    Happy Hallowe'en, Lanie! Boo!


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