30 October 2010

Halloween Eve?

Well, we're busy as usual on the weekend.

We took a boat cruise on the river today with the girl scout troop and it was pretty fun. Not as cold and windy as I suspected it would be. The kids all had a great time taking turns with the microphone and telling silly jokes like this:

Where do you take an injured jack-o-lantern?  To get a pumpkin patch!

How to you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it!

What kind of mistakes do ghosts make most often? boo-boos!

I took lots of photos and was particularly impressed by the view of the horizontal wind turbines on the top of One Government Center downtown. I am so out of touch with the news that I didn't even realize they had been installed. The wind energy expert who taught the workshops we attended this summer felt that the traditional turbines were more efficient but I wonder if she wasn't biased because she likes to climb up on high poles, since she also said that she didn't like the kinds that collapse down for maintenance. heh. daredevil. So wait, that's off subject more than a bit.

I didn't feel any worse today than yesterday and in fact felt pretty good until just a few minutes ago. Then the fatigue hit again and my sore throat came back. I did well for breakfast, but consumed way too many calories at lunch. Dinner will be fruit only. I have some frozen berries and some cups of fruit but nothing fresh at the moment. We missed going to the Farmer's Market this week because of girl scouts. I still need to make the long trek to the mailbox but I'm thinking I might just pick up the mail on the way to church tomorrow. Besides walking along the river to the boat and fighting against the wind, my physical activity has been pretty low. I never can decide when i'm feeling sick - should I rest, or should I push myself? Ugh. Resting is awfully appealing right now.

"Dia de las muertes" celebration in the morning which should be interesting. I hope i'm not one of the "muertes" by then. *wink*


  1. Those jokes are really cute..I'll have to remember to share them with my kiddos in the morning!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Cute jokes... If you are feeling bad you should rest and let your body tell you when you are ready to do more. Have a great weekend.

  3. push yourself - just a little. Get the mail...

  4. Never a hater! I am a new visitor and follower from Over 40. I am going to check out some of your older posts.
    Have a blessed weekend and a Happy Halloween!



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