26 October 2010

Weather Woes and back to work

Wow. Big storms apparently blew through near us today, but I missed all of it except for the warnings.

Sweetie came home for lunch as  usual and that's when the rain started coming down. The rythm of the falling rain didn't tell me what a fool I was being. I wish it had. Instead it sang me a nice lullaby. I laid down on the sofa after I ate and the next thing I knew it was time to wait for kiddo's bus. 

That 2 hour nap isn't keeping me up late tonight though. I'm sleeeepy anyway. Why? Because it never occurred to me until just now that I didn't make time to exercise today. or yesterday.  So quickly I can get off track, depressed, and out of my routine.

Tomorrow - I'm kicking butt on exercise. I'm gonna try for an hour of cardio (2 sessions of 30 minutes) and also work on balance for a bit.

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  1. Oh sure, now it lets me leave a comment. Only after I've emailed you. Ah, the power of the refresh button. Good luck finding yours with the exercise! :)


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