23 October 2010

Not getting anything accomplished

Here it is closing in on noon and I haven't accomplished much in the way of getting ready for my company today. So what do I do? I AVOID it by getting on and reading through blogs.  So, this is a short post just to acknowledge the avoidance and go back to putting my kitchen and family room (at least) in order before we go to the fall festival.


  1. I have days like that :) Sometimes i just really need one!

  2. What? Get to work!!! Don't put off what needs to be done today. You will feel so good about yourself if you get your daily things done first. Blogging cannot be your priority. (I have to tell myself that everyday!!)

    Get going girl!!


  3. I hear ya-I need to update my damn CV and I don't even want to get off the chair to get my flash drive. How's that for lazy???

    Polar's Mom


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