23 October 2010

Partay! Partay!

It's been a long day. Not everything turned out as planned, but quite a bit of the house was clean enough for company and we had a great time with our friends. We played Apples to Apples Junior, one of our favorite games, and Crocodile Dentist because it was laying out and the kids were curious about it. We didn't cook outside because of the on and off rain all day, and forgot to feed the wildlife so that there'd be any cool visitors for the kids to see. It was raining when I thought about going out to feed the fish in the pond, and we were having too much fun for me to think of it again later.

We had our first fireplace fire of the season and so the rest of the house is super cool now - why would anybody build a house and put the thermostat in the same room as the fireplace anyway? We cooked all beef/no filler hotdogs and s'mores over the fire and the girls got all sugared up. Then we sent them upstairs to play and what did they do but play with water balloons in the nicely cleaned bathroom. Well, at least they kept it mostly in the tub!  It was really fun to hear all the squeals and laughter again. Poor Hobbes was scared out of his stripes the whole time. He's fast asleep now on top pof my computer desk. I think Sweetie feels the same, but will hopefully at least get to  his recliner before he gives it up for the night.


  1. I love a fireplace and wish we had one. I grew up with one and we roasted marshmellows and weiners all the time. I am glad you had a good time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Fireplace time already? Say it aint so. Oh I guess the weather of fall & winter is on its way, put another log on.

  3. Sounds like a fun party! Michele


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