24 October 2010

This I believe

I believe . . .

That I can trust my body to tell me what it needs

That I can be mature enough to separate my physical needs from my emotional needs

That non-food problems cannot be solved with food

That people are capable of managing their own good choices

That it is possible to disagree respectfully and with dignity.

That how I fuel my body and my spirit is my choice, and my choice only

That mindful decisions about how I treat myself and my body will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle

That food can and should be enjoyed.

That moving more, and eating less is the only way to lose weight.

That my life is a result of choices that I've made in response to the blessings and challenges I meet.

That I am in control of me, and only me.

That there will always be haters but there will always be enough love in the world to go around.

That each human being deserves a great portion of that love.


  1. What a wonderful credo! Bravo!

  2. Hi. I am new to your blog and I just love this post. Very well put!

    I have a blog too if you are interested. I am down about 65 lbs so far. I look forward to following your journey.


  3. THAT was a great post!
    THAT is very well said, and so very true.
    THAT you've made this realization tells me something...
    THAT you will succeed at getting healthy, being happy and helpig others do the same.

  4. I'm new to your blog as well, and I found this blog absolutely inspiring. Thank you so much for posting it : )



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