24 October 2010


This really doesn't count as being up after 10 pm, does it?

We had a small thunderstorm this evening. Around 6:30 our power went off. Two hours later I went to bed with still no electricity. Just 10 minutes ago the lights finally came back on and woke me up.

I got da power. I'm going back to bed now that everything is properly turned off, and tomorrow I will use my power to burn calories, do the right thing, and fight for justice and the American Way! All part of doing my job folks, no need to thank me.


  1. We had a big thunderstorm tonight as well, and I worried that the power might go out but it was fine.

  2. Power going out always totally jacks everything up. I don't find it romantic or mysterious, just annoying. Oh, yes, and the super-hero cape weighs extra, so remove it before you weigh in, please.

  3. Hearing "I got the power" song running through my mind now. haha. I need to upload that to my playlist. Looks like it will be a stormy week for us here in Ga as well.


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