22 October 2010

I don't like to be too busy

This weekend feels a little crazy busy to me already. Tonight I took kiddo to clarinet lessons and hubs worked late again.

Tomorrow we have 2 "play dates." One is a really good friend of Kid's who moved away about 5 months ago & possibly her mom and sister. We'll propbably do a bonfire, cook hotdogs and smores and let the kids be kids chasing frogs and blowing out milkweed pods or cattails gone to seed.  This will be in celebration of the mom's 4 year anniversary of breast cancer survival. She'll get a basket of non-pink ribbon shampoos and deodorants that contain no known cancer-causing angents in their ingredient list. Maybe I'll tie it with an ACTUAL pink ribbon with white polka dots, though.

Before that, though, we're going to a local fall festival with another friend, one she's known since she was about a year old, also an "only", they get along supremely. Her mom and I have a great time as well. Hayrides, pumpkin decorating, and lots of fun like that. Should be a real "treat"

Sunday I need to go into church a bit early and get the "orders of service" ready. This is what Unitarians call their bulletins, I guess. Or maybe everybody does that now. When I was a kid, they were bulletins. At any rate, the regular volunteer wasn't able to complete them because of the numerous inserts this week so that is my honor to help out the church and I'm very grateful for it as they have not needed me quite as much lately during the week and I was starting to take it a little personally. 

After church will have our annual "spooky foods" potluck which is great fun for the kids. So many "crunchy" people there it will be fun to see some vegetarian inventions as well. So, tomorrow we will have to concoct something for that as well.  After the potluck,  will be family time and we'll hang out at home with dad, carve the pumpkin, and generally try to recover from the earlier events. Or, if it's super nice out, we might go to the pumpkin farm for some photo ops and a corn maze. Only  a few more days available to do that.

Between all this stuff, I get to clean the house, blog, read my really great novel, knit my scarf to go with my cool new coat, and hope to have time to talk to BFF. I'm hoping for before or after church in person. Could I be so lucky?


  1. My goodness you have a busy schedule planned. It sounds like a lot of fun though.

  2. Well, I don't know about "everybody" but at my church they are still called bulletins.

  3. Busy is a good thing, usually. Except when we either just aren't interested in busy or when busy is stuff we really don't want to do.

    Hopefully when you wade into all the business this weekend, you will find it desireable and find yourself having fun. And by all means yes - BLOG!

  4. Wow you are going to be busy! Have a great weekend!

  5. Bulletins at my church too. Whew, Lanie... I'm tired just from reading your post! Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Chores for me. Bleh. Enjoy!!

    And thanks for helping get the word out that I am a genius. The more people who realize this, the better place the world will be. hahaha....


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