22 October 2010

Update on Challenges

Health: Go to bed by 10 pm nightly
- Only stayed up to 11 one night this week!

Food: Eat more fruit!
-Just realized I didn't have any fruit at all yesterday (unless you count banana bread) but have been working it in every day except then!

Activity: Achieve BMI at or below 35
Last week it was 37.72 and today it's (drumroll please) 37.3!

Accountability: Blog at least 2x daily

Pay it Forward: Encourage hubby to join the journey
I'm approaching his weight. Maybe that will motivate him. Only 5 more lbs to go.

Still trending downward which is the goal for the "I'm Not Going to Blow It Over the Holidays" challenge. In fact, I'm down more than 5 lbs since the first day of the challenge.

Please click on the tags in my sidebar to find out more about each challenge.

And being down 50 lbs overall makes me VERY happy!


  1. Banana bread is fruit, isn't it? ;-) It fits right in there with Apple Pie and Lemon Drops. :-)

    Good job for the week!

  2. Great job this week!

    By the way, I thought I was following you a LONG time ago. So I joined yesterday. :)

  3. Dude! I didn't know that banana bread is a fruit. Fabulous! lol

  4. You're doing great. And yeah, if you used real bananas in the banana bread, it counts! :) Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  5. great job.. banana bread as a fruit?????? works for me...

  6. That makes the lemon tart I ate last night a citrus fruit treat then. Awesome! 50 lbs down Lanie Painie? Wow.

  7. Ah,only 5 morepounds to the hubbys weight, that just might get him on board. I can see that doing it for me. Kicking butt you are - 50 butts i'd say !

  8. Being down 50 pounds overall is not by accident. That is fantastic. Good for you. Stay strong with all the weekend eats: sounds tempting-smores and hot dogs.


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