06 October 2010

Avoidance, part 427

I've had the new car for about 2 weeks. I knew I was taking it to Chicago soon. I wanted to use our EZ Pass for on the turnpike/tollways. It's been on my list to actually update the account to add the car. Guess what I did? I AVOIDED doing it. It's a gov't agency, it's going to be complicated. I don't know if I remember my password. It's a pain in the ass. I wish somebody would just do it for me. What a hassle. It shouldn't be so complicated but I know it will be. God, I hope I don't mess it up and then end up having to call and speak to an actual human being. We don't even have a real license plate yet, maybe they won't let me do it with a 30 day tag.

I did forget my password, but it didn't lock me out. I figured it out. It took me two minutes. Geesh. Would somebody please tell the annoying voice in my head to STFU?


  1. Tell that annoying voice to get off its butt and get some cardio in. That ought to shut its trap!

  2. The itty bitty sh*tty committee (IBSC) is responsible for all manner of not getting things done, avoiding, and general misery. Been trying to fire mine for awhile.... :)


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