20 September 2010

What makes me mad - rated PG13

Liars piss me off. Whether the purpose of the lies is self-agrandizement, self-protection, or just ignorance - it is never done with positivity and compassion.

Here is the BS that our good pal Allan is spewing about me today:

"My favorite thing to read is someone like Lanie , who at almost 250 pounds decided she is not obese, and can eat as she wants."

And here is my response which, as usual, will likely not be published over there:

"As much as I adore you, Allan, it really pisses me off when you lie. Especially when you lie about me. What's the purpose of that? To make yourself look smarter than me? To make me seem stupid? That's about as fucking disrespectful as it gets. You're not stretching the truth or exaggerating to make a point here. You are lying."

Before you post shit ALLAN, read a little about what you are talking about, in case someone listens to you. Facts count.  And the facts are that I weighed 289 lbs when I began eating intuitively. And now I weigh 243.8 lbs.  That's a total of nearly 45 lbs, 30+ since I started blogging about it, as my badge here says. I have NEVER said that I am not obese. I am SEVERELY obese which is progress since I started out as MORBIDLY obese. I will be OBESE for a long time to come, but not forever.

I'm not quite sure where our buddy gets his "facts" about Geneen Roth books because they certainly are not from reading her work. He claims he respects people who are losing weight no matter what their path is, but then insults their intelligence whenever they are using something that he himself would not be capable of handling. Yes, in theory, eating what we wanted is w hat got us here in the first place but the POINT is that we don't really want that shit in our bodies. It takes strength of character and self-discipline to properly follow through with intuitive eating and it will NOT work for everybody. Some people need strict guidelines, keeping track and counting and that's FINE. We are all different  people with different needs. Why is that not okay?

Allan sometimes likes to discriminate against housewives and imply that they are stupid. I will let my IQ shine against his any time. Because my career of choice right now is being dedicated to my daughter doesn't mean that it is all I am capable of or all that I ever have been or will be. My family is my priority and it makes us all happy. Helping out in our community through volunteering at the church, school, Kids for Peace, girl scouts, and other organizations is more important to me than having 2 shiny new cars in the driveway or expensive family vacations, and that's what being a SAHM is about, not soap operas and bonbons and low intellect.

Allan's diet works. There is no doubt about that. He admits that it's not the only way. He says he's proud of anybody making progress. But he likes to imply that I, and others, are not making progress our way, when we clearly are.  He and I have different limitations and one of mine is dear and precious to me.

I have a 9 year old daughter and it is my responsibility to give her the tools she needs to grow up in a world that sucks without ending up hating herself or her life, or hating others for that matter either.  I take my responsibility VERY seriously and I am showing my daughter that her choices NOW and every moment of every day are building the life she will have as an adult. Food choices are part of that. So is exercise. If I set an example of having to weigh out each portion of my food and keep a written record of how many points or calories I consume, it could very well lead to her belief that she has to do the same thing.  She knows, however, that she can have treats and enjoy them because she burns a lot more calories than mom does, and she needs a lot more to grow. She understands that what others call "comfort food" will undoubtedly make her uncomfortable after eating it. She often will accompany me to my doctor's visits and our doctor will also talk about obesity and how I'm doing and she involves the kid in "project mom".  Kiddo understands that MY poor choices got me to 289 lbs and that my good choices have gotten me to where I am today and will help me continue towards a healthy, longer life. This, is more important than losing weight as quickly as possible. My child is my legacy to the world.  What will you leave behind, Mr. Klein? A fancy restaurant that continues to help people reach incredible levels of obesity?

My daughter also knows that I love and tolerate all types of different people. We gain spiritually from every friendship that we make, regardless of that person's background, race, religion, or home. But most of all, she knows that I will stand up for myself and for her because we are worth it.

For the record, here is what intuitive eating led me to consume  yesterday:

1 12 oz can of Pepsi  150 calories
1 granola bar 170 calories
Steamed broccoli florets 44 calories
Applesauce 69 calories
Potato Crusted Flounder 178 calories
1 12 oz can of Dr. Pepper - a rare treat! 150 calories

Those are the calories that I can account for easily because they were either pre-packaged or restaurant food with numbers provided. Then I went to a picnic in my hometown where I ate the following: 1 plain 1/4 lb sirloin burger on a *gasp* light white bread bun, I Tbsp of cheesey (!) hashbrown casserole, 1/2 tsp of lemon dip with 2 sections of graham cracker and 1 piece of baklava smaller than my thumb pad.

I also easily drank 11 glasses of water if not more. 

From yesterday to today - I had a loss of 1.1 lb. 

I did some leg lifts and stretching yesterday, but not my regular exercise because being in the car for a coupla hours to celebrate with my mom took quite a bite out of my day time-wise. I don't lose over a pound every day eating intuitively, but I don't expect to either. I do weigh myeslf daily, as I said before.  I could've worked out when I got home instead of talking to my husband, or I coulda skipped church in order to make more time for exercise. I chose not to do either of those things. I'm ok with that.

So enough of the bullshit, big Al, you can disagree with me all you want but use the FACTS that you claim you are so fond of, one of those facts being that what I'm doing is working for me. It's well researched and well thought out. Your 10 guidelines of intuitive eating aren't from Roth's books. I realize I'm obese. These are just a few contradictions that I know of from your assertions today.


  1. Well said Lanie. I commented on Allan's blog last night (didn't get published *BIG SURPRISE*) that intuitive eating works for me. What my body craves now compared to what it craved when I started has changed drastically! Yesterday, I craved collard greens and pasta. I craved pita chips and hummus at lunch time, and fruit salad at breakfast. I also wanted a granola bar, and a pepsi. I had all of those things, but I stopped when I was satisfied. I didn't eat more just because it was there. I have gone from severely obese to overweight. My BMI started at 32, and is now 28. I don't count calories, or points. I do restrict my eating because the foods that I used to crave make my stomach sick, and my favorite, make my throat close up which makes it difficult for me to breathe and then I have a full blown panic attack.

  2. Take a deep breath.

    People feel challenged or fearful by something that they don't understand. The concept of intuitive eating is sometimes hard for people to understand, let alone endorse or follow.

    If you feel that what you're doing is right, if your doctor believes that you're healthy (given the numbers that s/he has seen), and if you are being successful at losing weight, THEN IT IS.

    This whole intuitive eating is to practice trusting yourself, yes? So then do that.

    Stop taking the bait. For your own sake.

  3. One critical thing that I'd say Allan missed in his understanding of intuitive eating is that women (and less often men) often eat to deal with emotional issues. This is at the core of intuitive eating--separating your emotions from what your body needs and wants. My mind tells me I want a big bowl of ice cream to assuage bad feelings, but my body knows it doesn't need that crap. I think for basic weight loss, sticking to a plan is really helpful, but unless we change this basic emotional pattern and learn to listen to when our bodies are stuffed (ie: my mind tells me I need a giant pile of fries, but my indigestion tells me otherwise), then the chance of us regaining the weight is high. I think this is an essential part of weight loss for anyone who is an emotional eater (and most people who are overweight are to some degree or other).

  4. Also, I think you also follow Jack Sh#t, but his blog today is really uplifting. Highly recommend a read: http://jackfit.blogspot.com/2010/09/failure-is-not-option-just-vaguely.html

  5. I think intuitive eating is misunderstood and I say this because I know I didn't get it. Still don't, but I know I don't and that is because I don't have information. I am, however, quite intrigued by it, and have the book on my nightstand. I think we all need to figure out what works for us and some plans that work for one person wonderfully won't work for another. I don't know what I will think when I read the book, but I am remaining open-minded.

    I don't know Allan or his blog. I am sorry that you were hurt by what he wrote. Hugs.

  6. It's not that my feelings are hurt. I expect that and can deal with it, especially from strangers. Using his blog to tell his opinion of me or my way of thinking is fine, but to state un-truths time after time just makes me angry. And I can't defend myself over there because he won't publish it anyway. He's sending people over to me, so I may as well tell my side of the story.

    This is how petty he is though, for my disagreeing I have been "punished" by being removed from his 2x daily posting challenge list and his blogroll. I THINK that's supposed to hurt my feelings, but I just get a chuckle out of it. He knows better than to pick on me because I will defend myself, not close my blog or go away crying like so many others he has chased off.

    I guess maybe he thought sending me a box load of discontinued sports wear made by poor downtrodden Guatemelans was going to buy my silence, but that's not how I roll. Yes, I love my prize from his blog give-away but that doesn't mean I'll sit back and take abuse.

    And seriously? Don't be puttin' down the readers. Duh.

  7. Oh Mandy. Now we live in the same town AND we are name-callers. He is my roadkill. I cannot help but look! I'm so happy that we live close to one another now and won't have to drive half way across the state to see one another. Psha!

  8. I didn't do any name calling, except calling him by his given name, if that what it really is! I don't understand how what we are doing is not working for us. I know it's working for me. I know it's working for you as I see you shrinking every single week, when I walk to your house (HA).

  9. Dear Lanie,
    Strong emotions. I am glad you aired them here. I agree with the comment above from Happy Fun Pants. Traditionally when folks do not understand something that is new they are resistant and fearful.

    I do know something about Roth's intuitive eating application. It is obviously working for you!!! I am glad that is working for you. For me, it is just about counting calories.

    Just know that I believe you are doing great! We are on this journey together to a healthier us in bloggerland. Your blogger friend, Michele

  10. Lanie, you are one of my favourite bloggers and your unfortunate plight, sounds very familiar. Ding...next.

  11. Arg...that is no good. I have actually been trying to figure out how to unfollow him because he posts way to much for me to read and I have been hearing some of my favorite bloggers who have been having problems with him. I don't want to be targeted by a bully if I show a gain one week or choose to do something that works for me that he disagrees with.


  12. I'm very pleased to have found your blog and thrilled at how well things are going for you.

    I have skimmed a few of Allan's posts and am struck by how angry and venomous he can be while interspersing his swearing with statements about how loving and open he is to everyone. There seems to be some kind of disconnect there.

    But what disturbs me even more than his nastiness is how readers just gobble it up. Bloggers whom I read, like and respect are also fans of this nasty man. Personally, I don't get it.

    I'm working on an intuitive eating post myself. Please drop by in the next day or so.

  13. I found out today that Allan Klein has passed away. God bless his heart, he was a complicated dude. He could be very cruel, and very kind. His death brought back memories - not all as bad as this one. I had blocked him from my social media and not had any contact for years. Allan helped me get to know myself better, to stand up for myself against bullies, to take a stand and he helped me define some of my beliefs. I'm way fatter now than I was when I wrote this article. Back to work.


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