20 September 2010


One of the hardest mental hurdles I've been dealing with is figuring out why I (and others) seem to sabotage ourselves just as we're coming up to or meeting a mini-goal. Is it really fear of success? Can't be all of it.

But then, good ol' Jack Sh*t sent me over to this blog to give support. At first I was distracted because he could actually be a IRL acquaintance of mine . . . Eric? is that you? Anyway - while there, I found this:


  1. That was really cool.

  2. Hmmm...I'm glad the only people who know my goal are my blog readers, husband, and best friend. I rarely tell people if I am undertaking a big goal, but that is because I don't want to answer their questions if I fail...or is it...Hmmm.

    Polar's Mom
    PS-Award for you on my site

  3. That's really interesting. When I started my weight loss journey this time I don't think I told anybody but people noticed my habits changing and then my weight loss. So this is an interesting development for bloggers don't you think? I wonder if KNOWING this changes things.

  4. Thanks for the link back! And I'm afraid I'm not Eric :( My name's Kevin. Glad to meet ya!


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