21 September 2010


Thank's to Polar's Mom for the shiny new award. I like shiny!

First rule is to sum up your blogging philosophy in 5 words. Here's mine:

Changing my Attitude Towards Health

Then I need to nominate 10 other blogs. Ugh. Lots to choose from. I love them ALL!

Links are in my side bar

1Mandy - because she already received this award yesterday but hasn't had time to post it, so I'm beating her to it. Mwooo ha ha haha

2Smaller Fun Pants
4Chubby Girl Diary
5patrick at Responsibility 199, of course
6Mike at http://www.startingat500pounds.com/
7Fangirl Diet Plan http://fangirldiet.blogspot.com/
8 Tiny at http://www.lessofaman.com/ who inspired me to blog
9 julie lost and found http://julielostandfound.blogspot.com/
10 Just Me http://haveyougainedweight.blogspot.com/

I'll try to come back and finish up the links later on today. . .but most are in my sidebar :)


  1. Look at you sporting a new award, lookin good you are!

    Thanks for sharing, I'll add your name on this awards badge on my blog so as to never forget your kindness :-)

  2. That's the award I was gonna give you!

  3. Congratulations to you and to all those bloggers!


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