21 September 2010

We GOT TO MOVE it-Move it!

Let's all get up and dance like maniacs for 5 minutes, cuz summer is back in NW Ohio!

It's 90 degrees out there folks and the pond is begging for company. I think it's icy depths are trying to trick us, though.  So, instead, I'm turning on the a/c and dancing today after kiddo gets home from school. Nice pre-homework pre-snack getting-the-wiggles-out from being on the bus jam session.

Anyone want to join us? No photos please.



  1. Wow, 90 degrees...about 70 here. I love this song and it's a great song to treadmill too.

  2. Haha, love that movie!

    Polar's Mom

  3. oh that was great!!!! had to turn it up real loud, go to my treadmill and work it!!! i think i'll start a new playlist just for the treadmill and outside walking. thanks for the fun inspiration!


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