21 September 2010

Friend Makin'

This is SUPPOSED to be Friend Makin' Monday, but I'm a day late (and a dollar short, as usual). But, I'm not going to let a little ol' thing like a deadline stop me!   Please click the link above if you want to check out an awesome blog and/or participate

Health and Body Image

1) If you could magically change one thing about your body, what would it be?
My underactive thyroid!
2) What is your best physical feature?
My uniquely gray eye color
3) Do you weigh yourself daily? Hourly? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Never?
Yes, every day!
4) Do you workout regularly? If so, how does if affect you from day to day?
Almost every day! (I missed Sunday this week)
5) What is the healthiest thing you do for yourself on a regular basis?
I drink lots and lots of water!
6) If you could look like a celebrity, who would you choose to look like?
Rachel Ray
7) What do you do to make yourself feel pretty/handsome?
Avoid mirrors
8) What are you most attracted to in the opposite sex?
Deep voices
9) Have you ever avoided situations because you didn't want people to see your body shape?
I avoid social situations mainly because of extreme anxiety - this has been true through thick and thin.
10) How do you feel about your overall appearance? Eh. Better than it used to be, doesn't really matter a whole lot to me.