02 September 2010


I jogged for 20 minutes in my RunTones and my (big fat over-sized) ass hurts like hell.

At least it takes the attention away from my  heart.

I'm gonna try this again later tonight. Haven't decided about with or without shoes yet though.


  1. Sounds like fun, what is RunTones? I wish I could run for 20 min. I am still just walking.. Go for it.

  2. *gasp* Your language is SO offensive! :D

    I am really proud of you. You'll be alright

  3. Jogging... excellent. Pain, not so excellent. You are going jogging shoeless tonight?

  4. Lanie,
    I'm proud of you for jogging. But, I have to say I warned you about those shoes...Hee hee...Seriously. You're only supposed to wear those for 5 min at first, then 10, then 15 , THEN try jogging for 20 min. They engage different muscles you're not used to using EVEN IF you are a regular exerciser. And why is your heart hurting????

    Keep trying, but try different shoes this time.
    And stretch after.No really. You'd better stretch. Especially your ass. All sizes of asses need stretching after jogging. It's a rule.

  5. RunTones are a new brand of Reebok shoes. My self-reward for losing 30 lbs since I didn't have decent shoes.

    Doc, don't worry - I have been walking around in them a little at a time for weeks. This was the first jog. I had to step it up a bit after I had my annual Panera pumpkin muffin this a.m. Also, my heart's not hurting - I just have that fear that it's going to and the butt-pain distracts me from that.

    Running in place with the Wii tonight without shoes. Then, figuring out how to stretch my butt-oxens! Don't you think a massage would help?

  6. Look out for the running with no shoes, and/or overdoing it. I did the same thing years ago and I was only about 170 lbs at the time and I got shin splints so bad. I'll have to look up RunTones on the web. I learn something new from every blog I read.

  7. Good job on jogging for 20! Hope the buttocks feel better...bath will help maybe?

  8. Yes I do use a phone app for C25K. I'm so glad the android market had one.

    I've never heard of RunTones. I'm gonna have to check them out.

  9. I need to check out the run tones as well...and get some of yer motivationthusiasm for MY WORKOUT TODAY!


  10. Wow, Lanie!!! Impressive!! That is my goal as I go into October to begin to jog. I just found p://www.c25k.com/ from Dr. F. Have a great Friday! Michele

  11. Great job. I agree about the shin splints comment, also knees/hips tend to hurt more if it's too much too soon... Women are screwed because of our hips-knee-feet angle (because our hips are wider), so those are often issues seen in beginner runners. I like stretching, and ibuprofen (if your liver is ok) are also good tools. Keep it up-sounds like great progress!


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