17 August 2010

I e-hat shoes, but I heart my Reeboks

Meet my new friends!

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The choice was fairly easy. My BFF had recommended the Easy Tones shoe to me and while researching the product I cam upon the Run Tones. Run tones are, of course, for running and training as opposed to just walking. I am looking forward to getting to the point where I can run. This may happen around 200 lbs or when I can get a decent exercise bra in my size so I don't knock myself out.  At any rate, that is one of the reasons I chose to get Run Tones instead of Easy Tones.  Another reason is that the uppers are mesh which allow air flow and reduce sweating. I wish I could get steel toes for hubby with that little perk so that we don't all turn green and gasp for oxygen when he takes off his work shoes at the end of the day.  Anyhow, it's almost as good as being barefoot!

I don't understand all of the technology behind it, but the shoes have these air pockets in them that help you to work out and tone leg and butt muscles as you walk. You can feel it after you take off the shoes. Stretching is important after a brisk 2-mile walk. You can REALLY feel it the next day.

If you don't see my posting for a while it's because my hot new b-donk has attracted so much attention that I can't get to the commputer. No worries - I'll be happy.


  1. I like the look of those shoes. I just brought some new shoes for walking. I understand about the hubby's feet also... My husbands boots stay on the porch...



    They're pretty. And if they help you have an outrageous fanny, then woowee! Sign me up! :)

  3. The air pockets are essentially tiny little balance balls (exercise balls) on the bottom of your feet that cause micro-imbalances: forcing your body to work harder to keep you balanced at all times, the same way sitting on a yoga ball does, instead of a chair! Cool right?

    I loooove these shoes! And I have to agree with Debbie; they are nice looking too. I hate most sneakers out there and how they look, but these are sleek and stylish.

    Congrats on hitting your goal and I'm thrilled you're enjoying your reward!

  4. Nice looking runners. Hey, do these runners make my feet look cute? Yes, they do.


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