02 September 2010

Eleven days

Eleven days until I go to the doctor. I was hoping to have more weight loss accomplished by then. I take ownership for my backslide in August, but it's unbelievably hard to recover from it. I hope I remember that next time I decide to be careless with what I put into my body.

The appointment is mainly to check how my thyroid is doing and to berate me for not having a mammogram. Ha! Well, I tricked her! I actually scheduled a mammogram for Tuesday. I'd rather have a candy gram, but there you have it.

I don't think the thyroid meds are doing much. I am still tired more than the average hibernating bear. I'd go back to bed right now except that kiddo's alarm is going off in 20 minutes and I hate waking up.  I don't like to do it more than once every few hours. So if she ups the dosage of thyroid medication maybe it won't be quite as much work for these pounds to melt off. Of course, I want it to be as easy as possible. You don't get this fat without being a tad lazy about things.

I'm going to keep working and see what I can accomplish in these next 11 days. Keep in mind that we have a birthday in there for kiddo at the ball park. Nothing like baseball stadium food to keep one on track, right? Including Toft's ice cream. Yum! And she has opted for cheesecake instead of birthday cake. I think she may be trying to kill me. She's like Stewie on Family Guy, only taller and prettier!


  1. She probably will up your meds, but they have to do it slowly. I remember when I first went on thyroid meds. The doc told me that if he put me on the amount that I needed to get my thyroid to normal, it might give me a heart attack. I didn't really care as long as I started losing weight.

    Anyway, I bet she'll still be proud of you, I know I am!

  2. You can still accomplish a lot in 11 days. And kudos for facing up to your mammogram. I have yet to have one and won't for a while. Oh the joys of being gainfully self-employed but woefully uninsured! LOL.

    And I say enjoy the birthday party. They only come once a year per family member, and unless you have 12 or more kids I don't think too much damage can be done. Of course, if you get invited to all the aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephew's birthday parties, too . . . well, that could be a problem.

  3. I hope an adjustment in meds helps you out...I would insist I have thyroid issues (for how tired I feel all of the time) if it weren't for blood work that states all is well. I could be a hybernating bear and be very happy about it :)

  4. I agree with toosexy4thisfat. I'd celebrate the birthday and then start over the next day. There's still time to lose before your drs. appt. I've been noticing that for me, portion control has more impact on my weight than what I actually eat.

    Hoping for good results from your drs. visit!


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