03 August 2010

Forgive me for being morbid

My BMI today is 40. I am still morbildy obese, but on the cusp of severely obese. Three more pounds lost will put me at 39. It might be too much to hope for by the end of the week, but I'm working hard - moving more, eating less, feeling good about my life.

I'm feeling extremely positive today and overflowing with love. Watch out, you don't wanna get any on ya! It's oozing out of my very pores. Ooze, ooze. See that? There's some more. Don't slip on it.


  1. I have felt the wrath three times in 2 days.. Argh.. Watch out..

  2. What wrath Allan? You been picking on ME! I still adore you, even though you're picking on me. And I still think you're awesome.

  3. Lanie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, which lead me to yours! 3 more lb to a 39 BMI.. that's great!! I can't wait to read more of your blog. And thanks for listing me on yours! You'll be listed on mine too. I'm supposed to be working right now.. argh... i'd rather be reading your blog. No, I haven't checked out the book yet. I saw the author on Oprah. I'm not a huge Oprah fan, but I watched that day because she was on. Thanks again for stopping by and for recommending the book! *See* you in blogland! CathyB

  4. Keep that positive feeling!!! That's great!

    Here's hoping it's contagious...!

  5. A BMI below 40 would be great. I am still in the 48's but working on it. Congrats...

  6. Cute post title:) I would love to catch some of that ooze.


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