04 August 2010

I was WRONG!

I love being wrong sometimes! It happens so seldom, though!

This morning's weigh-in measures me down another .9 lbs and at even 254. According to the Wii Fit that is a BMI of 39.86 which puts me at SEVERELY obese instead of morbidly! I guess the website I was using yesterday to figure out how much I had to lose before I hit that milestone rounded up. I can hardly "weight" for my next doctor's appointment (September).

What a thing to celebrate, right? I think so! My life expectancy just jumped by EIGHT YEARS in the last 100 days since I've owned the Wii Fit Plus and adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Not only will I have 8 more years to spend here on my favorite planet, but it makes me oh-so-much more insurable. Don't worry, I have life and health insurance both right now. But, one of the main things holding Sweetie back from quitting his extremely stressful job has been insurabilty. We can't change the fact that he is a cancer survivor, but we CAN control our BMI.

Keep working at it my friends, every little bit DOES count on your journey to a healthier you. If I can do it, we can all do it. And without extreme measures!


  1. awesome!!!! This is so encouraging. Every little bit DOES count huh?

    I have Wii Fit but haven't really used it as I was going to the gym. I should start using it... LOL


    I got my Wii Fit yesterday and did the whole body assessment thing. I'm in the obese category (duh!) but it wants me to get to an unhealthy weight (I think) to be normal.

    I can't "weight" until we're in the simply overweight category versus obese! YAY! :)

  3. I moved into the overweight category a week and a half ago. It's lonely here, girls! Don't make me come up there! I am not so sure about the healthy weight for me. I don't think I'm supposed to weigh 122 lbs. That seems awfully thin for someone 5'4". I guess I will just eat when my body is hungry and what my body wants and see what happens.

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  5. How great to read about your milestone today. Congratulations to you!

  6. I can so appreciate your hubby's predicament. I am considered "uninsurable" and am lucky that I live in a state with a "high risk pool." I am one of the many who is remaining optimistic as I wait for the new health care reform.


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