28 August 2010

Fit Points: I have some catching up to do!

When I first began this blog, I was sometimes at a loss of what to write. At that time, I was only reading my bil's blog and I noticed he had been using FitBlogs as a tool. I figured joining that would give me at least one weekly somewhat original subect on which to write. Lately, I haven't had that issue and have been sadly neglecting my duty of weekly updates. The more behind I got in it, the more guilty I felt and the more avoidance I practiced. Then I noticed fangirl got all caught up in one post. I'm totally stealing her idea.  Click the banner in my sidebar to join FitBlogs.

The Fit Point of the Week is similar to Wordless Wednesday, New Friend Friday, etc. We supply a topic, and you write about it! Pretty easy eh? And it’s a free topic you didn’t have to think up! Of course, come back every week for a new topic too! 

The Rules

•Write a Post related to the topic. It doesn’t have to be exactly on point but it does have to be relevent.

•Link the person you discovered it from. (optional)

•Use the Banner, linking back to Fit Blogs, and share the rules on your blog.

•List yourself there!

•Comment on the person before you in the list!
This week’s topic:

Your fitness Idol:  Everyone has an idol when it comes to anything. Who inspires you to do what yo’re doing? Who inspires you to try harder?

See my sidebar for "blogs that inspire me". Mostly, though, my daughter inspires me. Having grown up in a single parent household, I know I don't want that for my daughter. The best way to prevent it is to take care of myself. She is also a good trainer at 8 years old. She encourages me, keeps me honest with myself, keeps me on track for my goals. She's simply amazing.
Now for the catsup

Eating Out! It’s summer, and for a lot of people that means more holidays, more vacation, and more eating out at restaurants. What restaurant satisfies your tastebuds and your health conscience?

Whenever possible, I check the menu online before I leave home and plan ahead. Grilled chicken salad or baked/broiled fish are my standbys.  Local diners are my favorite.

Workout Videos: 
Some people can answer this is one word, others have tried many videos. Some of us have found that one that works, and others are still looking.

Workout Videos have been a staple in women’s fitness for a long time, but now it’s become common for a man to use them as well.

So what Videos have you tried, and how well did they work for you? Have you found THE ONE?

I find I can't do the same video over and over, but I love almost every video Richard Simmons has ever made. The man is a comedian. He makes me laugh. I also like the Billy Blanks Jr. cardioke.  The people take some getting used to, but it's fun and different.

Most days I use my Wii game called Walk It Out if I have to exercise inside.

Workout Clothing!

What do you wear when you workout? Something cool? Something warm? Do you want to sweat? Are you avoiding heat stroke? Or do you just dance around in your underwear in your living room?
If I'm outside, I'll be wearing either my swimsuit or shorts & a tank top. I suppose I'll have to move onto sweats and a t shirt soon with the NW Ohio weather. If I'm inside, it's a tshirt and shorts.
That wasn't so hard. I guess I wasn't as far behind as I felt. I find that is often true with avoidance - it makes things seem worse than they are. Definitely, avoidance is not a good coping tool and is one of the many crutches I'm going to have to rid myself of as my journey continues.


  1. Hey Lanie,
    I just wanted to throw it out there that you don't HAVE to partake in every week's FitPoint if you have posted something else or don't particularly like the topic, its certainly not a requirement of being part of FitBlogs. But we do love to see your responses! So thanks for catching up!

    I think its awesome that your daughter inspires you; not only does that help keep you accountable every day with her infallible presence, you're helping her learn, and setting a positive example!

  2. Billy Blanks Jr?! Wow, I feel old. And I am not even that old! lol.

  3. Good list of blogs you have there that inspire you, many are on my blog roll too. When I workout it is simple shorts & a t-shirt, workout time is not fashion time in my mind... and I do sweat allot so less is best for me too. HEY, how did you know that I dance around in my underwear in my living room?

  4. I love looking at other blogger's blog rolls. It is a way for me to check out what others are doing. My favorite work out clothes are something old and light enough for the weather (like in summer, just a pair of shorts and a T shirt). Work out videos: I never watched any, although years ago, I too, loved the Richard Simmons Show (not sure if it is still on). He is crazy and funny. I loved his license plate: Why R U Fat??

  5. Reading is fundamental. lol. I wrote my fit point on fitness role models not idols. oops.

    I always check the menu before I go. Sadly even the healthy options are unhealthy. The veggies are cooked in oil so is the seafood. But I could do much worse.

    I haven't worn a swimsuit in over 15years. Even when I reach my goal I still won't wear one. I've never liked them.

    Good luck!

  6. I LOVE BB Jr.
    but Il loved me some BB too so Im no judge :)


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