30 July 2010

No exercise

I haven't gotten any exercise today. I should've done it earlier. She's sick and I wanted her to have a sedentary day, but there's no keeping her still if I'm on the Wii or swimming. I can't push her off on a friend. Now she's having a hard time getting to sleep and so there's really not much hope. This, among other things, gives me anxiety. I find myself clenching my jaw, breathing shallowly, and simply tightening all the muscles in my body. I do NOT want to see that number go up again tomorrow. I ate pretty well today - half a whole wheat sandwhich thin with a Tbsp of Skippy Natural & my breakfast Pepsi - A chicken brat on a whole wheat bun with mustard and onions for lunch, lots of water, 1/2 of a hundred calorie bag of popcorn for a snack, and then a 6 inch Subway black forest ham sandwich for dinner. No evening snack. Pushing more water toinght. Hey - when I wake up at 2:30 to pee, maybe I'll exercise then. Yeah, right.

I hate not feeling in control of things. Hubby needed to go to Radio Shack in a nearby town (the local didn't have what he needed on hand) for something for work and wanted us all to go together and then eat out (thus Subway - we are a fancy family). He so seldom asks to do anything together that I hate to refuse him when he does. So, that cut into my swimming time, anyway. I thought I might sweat while kiddo watched the new iCarly tonight, but she really wanted company and when she's sick it's even harder to say no. Bah. I'm a sucker. It's my own fault.


  1. Yep, I really WAS up at 2:30. Kid needed some decongestant. Probably I could set up the vaporizor for her if her room was cleaner, but I have no energy to clear a spot on the floor right now.

    I did get in some toning/stretching exercises before I went to sleep. This is hardly the time for cardio.

    Of course, I do feel wide awake. Good thing there are no Reese's in the house.

  2. Awww, I hope everyone's feeling better soon. Let me know what the WiiFit Jackwagon said!

  3. As always, it told me I'm obese. Big jerk! But, I'm 1.3 lbs less obese than yesterday which doesn't quite make up for the big jump I had 2 days earlier in the week, but better than I expected!


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