31 July 2010

Ugh Day

My mind is just not where I want it to be today. Exercise will help, I"m sure. It's one of those days when I feel some kind of psychic pressure from the world . . . as if everybody's about to find out what a fraud I am or that I'm not living up to people's expectations. Is it anxiety? Depression? I did take my Paxil last night because I felt it coming on . . . but I'm not sure how many days I might've missed before that.

Weekends are ironically tough on me. That's a post for another blog, I suppose.

I don't feel like eating or exercising. I guess I'll just push myself to keep moving and getting some chores done throughout the day, exercise and hope I feel better.

I am down 1.3 lb today but discouraged because I had two "up" days in a row that haven't yet been undone. BMI is still over 40. I'll get there though. I will. And I'll go farther than I've ever gone before. And I'll be left with the same old me - but with a new wardrobe. I hate this melancholy feeling.


  1. Smile, you're bumming out a hungry fat guy..

  2. Sorry dude. Go have some cake. NOT!

  3. I feel the same way this week. Ugh.

  4. The food isn't as much a problem for me as moving. I am such a couch potato. Sometimes I find it hard to get up and just exercise.

    Those are my Ugh days.


  5. What I think is great about this post is that you know that exercise will help. Sometimes I have no clue what will actually help me...

    Way to be in tune with your body. :)


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