01 August 2010

A new day

I was right - exercise and playing with the kiddo helped immensely. So did a good night's sleep. I've been sleeping better as the weight comes off. Another added bonus. Today I am down .4 lbs. I thought it might be more because of all of yesterday's activity, but muscle building accounts for a lot as well.

A new experience for me today, I'll be attending a program put on my a Pagan Study Group. I'm looking forward to learning what they're all about. It's always interesting to me to explore other people's belief systems and learn more about how they spiritually connect with our world. Should be interesting.

I feel physically strong today. Still a little emotionally vulnerable. Weekends are difficult sometimes. Support network is less available then, it seems. But, in the end, I have only myself to rely on and I am becoming stronger each day!


  1. Support network is ? We are not lost..

  2. We still love you! It is just hard to know when a good time to call is!

  3. I found another support network for the weekends. One for weekdays and one for weekends, if needed or wanted.

  4. Lanie,
    Once again I must comment on how much I love your attitude when it comes to tackling obstacles or approaching new things. It makes me so happy to read how open minded you are in terms of belief systems - I really think everyone should be! I bet you will have a very interesting time learning about one of the oldest religions still practiced!

    You -are- becoming stronger, and its such a beautiful thing. Your positivity, and openness with your feelings is so inspiring. I hope you continue to improve and flourish! :)

    You always have the support network at the internet, any time you need!

  5. Thanks everyone. I guess I should clarify that much of my support system is right where it always is on the weekends, I just don't have as much freedom to access it.


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