01 August 2010


Church this morning was a success. It was so earth-based and loving and community-driven that I just couldn't help but love it. Sure, there was a moment or two where I had to resist the old endoctrined eyeroll (magic wand, ancient languages) but when it comes down to it - it was based on belief systems made from so many different ancient civilizations that it was interesting. My daughter stayed and listened, fascinated that they brought together Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythologies that she learned in 3rd grade and married them all into one religious view.

The best part of church for me(because it IS all about me of course)was when one of the greeters made a big fuss over me and how WONDERFUL I look these days. Yes, I blushed and thanked her appropriately, then reminded her that I not only look wonderful but that I AM wonderful and we had a little chuckle and went to our seats. I think I may have seen my fake husband (yet another a post for another blog)puffed out his chest with pride.

In an hour or so, daughter and I will do our swimming, have a nutritious snack, and then prepare for a visit of our local symphony at our local zoo. I love free culture!

Crikey, I was going to put a little tag previewing next Sunday's service but I can't get the website's calendar to open. Ah well, I'm sure it will be educational and enlightening!

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