13 July 2010


Not only did my doctor and nurse make the expected BIG FUSS over me today (According to their records, I have lost 10 lbs since I was there in early June) but I also have . . . ~drumroll please~ an underactive thyroid! WOOT! That means, among other things that it is MORE difficult for me to lose weight. And look how good I've been doing! :D I am so proud of myself!

So, I start taking the synthroid meds .5mcg tomorrow morning and then wait a half hour (workout time?) before eating anything. That should help my weight come off EVEN FASTER!

Here's the downside. I really wanted to do this "all by myself." Without diets or special food or special exercise program. I wanted to use common sense and self control through recognizing my binge triggers and working through my emotions in a more productive way. Well, I'm still going to do that, but I already know that my mother - and others - will atrribute any success I have to the meds, and forget all about how far I've already come all on my own -despite this wonky thyroid!

I know, I know . .. I'm 40 years old and should not be longing for my mother's approval, or expecting it since I have rarely recieved it in the last 40 years. Still, I can't help but want to take credit for doing something incredible and being noticed for it. I guess I better go read some more Geneen! Maybe she has some more answers.

Oh, and my BFF (who is also being extremely successful with a similar lifestyle change) really needs to stop telling me what not to eat. I love her and couldn't imagine life without her, but it I'm immature and it still makes me want to rebel and show the world that I can eat what I "want" to, not what they tell me to. Do you think I'll ever get over that?


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I can relate to people telling me what to eat. My sisters and my mother are both thin. Every time we go out together they watch everything I eat. You can do this..

  2. Way to go on the ten pounds. :D

    Ya know, Lanie, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about your weight loss or how you lost it. What is important is that you know that you are making the changes, learning, growing and doing what you need to make yourself healthy and reach your goals. If your mother thinks it is the meds, even after you share with her what you are really doing, then that is what she is going to think. And you can't control that. All you can do is stand in your truth and let the other concerns go. It is a hard lesson to learn, but once you do, it is incredibly freeing! Trust me. ;)

    Congrats to your BFF. I am glad that she is doing well. Perhaps a firm but gentle reminder that different people have different nutritional needs, different sensitivities, need meds or not and that you are doing what is right for you and eating what is right for you. Hopefully she will "get it" and be more supportive and less the food police. I imagine that she means well she just needs to learn to let go, a little . :)

  3. What can I say? I'm bossy! I also don't want you upset with yourself because you ate something that your body didn't want. You know I love you, right?

    Also, maybe you could turn the tables on your BFF and when she says she needs a soda, remind her that I shouldn't (I mean she) put those poisons into her body. Just sayin...

  4. It's true, Mandy, you are bossy! But you are also fabulous, as you know :) I know you mean well.

    I haven't exercised yet today, but I'm gonna! I napped though. Good to have an excuse of why I'm always so tired. It's not JUST that I'm fat & lazy.

  5. That is hard. Its not fair when others belittle your progress: I have one friend in particular (our FanGirl) who suffers with that almost every day.

    Just remember: Medication or not, you are making these choices. You are making yourself aware of your triggers, you are exercising in the way you want to, you are making healthy choices! These are all coming from you! No one can take that success away from you.

  6. Hey there...

    First, your comment on my blog was so heartfelt that tears welled up in my eyes. I'm SO sorry that you had to go through all of that...and I have to say that having gone through that myself, I totally get wanting your mom's approval.

    Does she already know about the meds or is it something that you can just not tell her about? It's really none of your business...

    I also have a different way of thinking about the meds helping. What if some guy wanted to run a marathon, but his knee was all jacked up so he had surgery to fix it. OR if he had to take Motrin to help alleviate the swelling BUT he did go on to run the marathon! Would people be happy and cheerful or would they chastise and be all "Oh, you took care of your body and gave it what it needed? SHAME ON YOU. It was the Motrin that helped you to run, not you!" Probably the first, right?

    If the meds make losing weight easier, I think that's fantastic! You'll feel better too, I bet. And the other people that would be critics already HAVE a functioning thyroid...so what's their excuse?

    And it sounds like you already told your BFF to stop...and if she's REALLY your BFF? She'll respect your boundaries - even if she doesn't understand them.

    But lastly? Thank you so much again for your comment. I feel like you get it - and that you get me. I appreciate your last paragraph so much - and this morning when faced with BAGELS (my biggest temptation ever) I repeated that mantra. I am worth fighting for. Thank you for reminding me.


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