14 July 2010

Fit Point: Beat the Heat and Achieved first mini goal

The Fit Point of the Week is similar to Wordless Wednesday, New Friend Friday, etc. We supply a topic, and you write about it! Pretty easy eh? And it’s a free topic you didn’t have to think up! Of course, come back every week for a new topic too!

This week’s topic:
Beat the Heat
Do you let the heat get to you? Does it push you to sweat for the beach body of your dreams? How do you keep cool in the middle of a sweltering summer workout?

I'm not good with heat so I normally exercise in the a/c or in our pond in the summer. I love swimming and playing in the water with my daughter which seems to melt the fat right off! I always keep a nice big class of cool tap water nearby as well. YUM.

The Rules
•Write a Post related to the topic. It doesn’t have to be exactly on point but it does have to be relevent.
•Link the person you discovered it from. (optional)
•Use the Banner, linking back to Fit Blogs, and share the rules on your blog.
•List yourself there!
•Comment on the person before you in the list!

Weighed in this morning at 259.1 which puts me below my first mini-goal! Today, after what promises to be a loooong day of volunteering, I will go treat myself to a new Wii game. I really am hoping for Walk it Out if I can find it. Maybe at Best Buy, they seem to have a good selection.


  1. YAY!!!! I am so happy for you!!

  2. Congrats on reaching your mini goals!!!
    When it's super hot outside, I tend to keep to the pool. I can tan, exercise and relax all at the same time :)

  3. Congrats on the MiniGoal! Thats awesome!

    Hydration is key, and being in the water is a great form of exercise! I was paddling about in my back yard pool yesterday and definitely feel like I got some extra workout in.


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