14 July 2010

It's been a pretty good day

I spent a good portion of my day volunteering at my church. I love putting my time in there because of course, I need the positive feedback. I'm becoming more and more aware of that. I don't know yet quite what I'm going to do to let go of that habit, but it IS nice to be appreciated. I like the office admin there, too, she's become a good friend.

I went to Gamestop near the church and they didn't have the Wii game I wanted. In fact, the only location in the metro area that had it in stock - and only one at that - was in the N suburbs and I live in the S suburbs. So I got to trek up there and buy my game. I chose "Walk it Out" which had great reviews, is a newer release, and appears to be flying (walking?) off the shelves around here. I guess I'm not the only fatty around. It combines fitness with an arcade-type hidden items game so it's fun. I like the music choices too, and you earn more music choices the more you work on it. I got so involved with trying to earn music that I totally ignored my poor screaming calves. It was a good thing the phone rang but, no thank you, I don't want a security system.

When I got home from Gamestop and Aldi, guess what was in my mailbox? A letter from camp! Oh, how I will treasure it always! I miss my little girl. She really is a treasure. Sure, she's a chatty annoying treasure sometimes, but a treasure nonetheless. I love her.

What could be better than that? Oh yeah, I went through the drive through and got small fries and an ice water from McDonald's. I really was jonesin' for those fries and the old me would've worried about annoying the workers by not ordering much. Now I realize (1) it's their job to be annoyed by people and (2) I don't even care if I DO annoy them, and (3) GIVE ME MY DAMN FRIES!

I'm wanting fish for dinner. I have nothing but veggies ready to prepare. Not sure when hubby is coming home. Perhaps if I tell him I'm craving fish, he'll take me out . . . but Cheddar Bay biscuits could be hard to resist. I'd better look up the calorie content . . .


  1. Good for you! I hope that the small fries hit the spot! Last time I had a small fries from McDonald's, I got a sweet tea (remember how I used to dump those in my IV?). My stomach was so upset from both the tea being too sweet and the fries being too salty and greasy that I haven't even had the desire to go back.

    I do, however, still crave the southern style chicken sandwich, but I don't want my stomach to ruin that craving forever.

    I hope you got your fish!

  2. Yes, I remember your "liquid crack" addiction all too well. Tea is NASTEA!

  3. Ugh - those cheddar biscuits are DIVINE.

    Also, your GIVE ME MY DAMN FRIES is pretty darn funny.

    I'll have to check out the "Walk it Out" game - do you need the Wii balance board?

  4. those biscuits are 150 cals each. I wish I would've gone there last night. It would've made the gain feel worth it.

    You don't need a Wii balance board. you can play it with the controller and nunchuck which allows you to walk around the room a little more.

    I highly recommend moving all the settings to EASY until you get used to it though. There's a lot of multitasking involved. but it's fun.


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