15 July 2010

something's broken

because there is no way in HELL that I gained 4.5 lb overnight.

and there is no way in HELL my husband just brought me this shelf and told me to get it out of the way of "his stuff" in the guest bedroom

and there is no way in HELL he gave me grief all last night about not cleaning up his MESS (which he would punish me severely for if I even moved it an inch)

There is no way in hell this is my life. Maybe if I go back to bed and wake up again later, it will be better.


  1. Awww, you'll be alright! Drink your water and take a walk and you'll feel better.

  2. Lanie,
    Rough day, I'm sorry to hear this.
    The weight gain likely is water fluctuation, don't take it too hard because it will go away as your body makes its way through natural processes. I can fluctuate as much as 4 lbs in a day because of eating and drinking.
    Maybe your husband was having a rough day too. Nothing like confronting the issue in the open air to know for sure. But I'd definitely lay down the line and make sure he knows thats just unacceptable.

    I hope you feel better!

  3. Did you just give me permission to lay down? :)

    Hubby has Asperger's. The more I try to talk to him about it the more he will justify his position. It's been nearly 20 years . . .

  4. Sorry you are having a bad day. I just leave my hubby's mess alone and hope it does not take over the house. As for the weight gain, it is more than likely just water weight. You are doing great and I hope you do beat me next week. :)


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