16 July 2010

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat, right?

That's true, right? Because that's the current theory I'm going with. I'm down .4 from yesterday, and it is getting pretty close to time for my period as well, so I'm thinking hormonal bloating and muscle weighs more than fat combo. Although I still have 3 days before I'm supposed to start, it IS getting close? TMI? Yeah, well. You'll bee aw-rye!

Today I get to see my BFF and her backup both. I go to my home town for a little visit with some high school friends before I go pick up my daughter from her first-ever girl scout camp. Oh, how I wish listening to chatter burned calories because it's an hour drive home and I'm sure that's what I'll be doing. I'm looking forward to it, though, as she is my biggest fan and I am hers. Unless you go by weight, then my BFF is my biggest fan, but she's getting steadily smaller!

So, anyway, I'm still up more than 4 lbs from a coupla days ago but here's the thing - I notice my body is stronger and firmer in places, I notice the shape changing, and I'm thinking maybe these thyroid meds are helping to build muscle or something. I don't FEEL fatter. But then, there is still the possibility that the Wii Fit Board is either lying or insane.


  1. No matter my weight...I will ALWAYS be your biggest fan! I can't wait to see you in a little while!

  2. . .. and it's true. My proof is that I'm fitting into size 22W shorts this morning while 2 weeks ago I was in 26W and earlier this week these didn't fit. I know I'm still a big girl, but I'm on my "weigh"!

  3. I do sometimes weigh every day just to watch trends... and it's funny, I can see my weight go in waves. That is, it'll go down... then down... then back up a little... then down... then back up... and steady... and down... etc. Of course, here in Florida I can probably sweat a few pounds off without really even trying, but of course I get them back when I re-hydrate... however, we all fluctuate. Go by the long term measures... the clothes you're wearing, the way you're feeling, and periodic weight checks. Sure, the Wii wants to weigh you in whenever you use it and it's good you're using it daily, but don't let it fool you into thinking you shouldn't have odd fluctuations.


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