11 July 2010

Fit Point: Intensity and recovery

This week’s topic:
Intensity and Recovery!
We all workout at different intensities and vary in how often. How hard do you work-out? Do you ever fatigue yourself or do you workout just enough to get a little burn? If you do go all out, how do you deal with this or recover? What is your routine after your workout?

Because of my size, it doesn't take much instensity to burn some fat. Also, in part because of my size, I have bad knees and must treat them kindly. Therefore, I keep it low key and keep my cool water nearby. There are times I do get breathless enough that it would be difficult to talk, but recovery takes just a couple of minutes. I'm taking it slow. Don't want to hurt myself and create a situation where I have a major setback because of my inability to do more.

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  1. This a a great idea. I am a walker, at this time. It is what I can do and at reasonable intensity. I also have bad knees and hips. Bleargh! lol So walking is a good exercise for me.

  2. Hey you know even just walking a few times a week reduces your risk for heart problems by double?! I learned that this week in physiology.

    Lanie, you keep up the great work!

  3. Its difficult to start with no endurance, but definitely not impossible. Its great that you listen to your body - so many people seem to ignore the obvious 'stop!' signs that the body is sending out. They end up hurting themselves early on, which does nothing but hinder their progress and lead to huge discouragement.

    Taking it slow is the right way to go! From walking and jogging, to climbing stairs, to calisthenics and plyometrics, there is nothing you can't do if you let your body progress at a healthy rate.


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