11 July 2010

bracing myself for the week

I dropped my daughter off today at sleepover girl scout camp. I think I will be okay, this is her second time being at camp for a week this year. The first week I cried in bed most of the time and ate the rest of the time, at least the first 3 days. This time will be better, I think.

I know I'll miss her at times, but I can't let my opportunity to be myself without her slip on by. She's 8 years old and won't want to be my constant companion much longer. I just don't know what I'll do when that happens, but know what? I can't dwell on that! I'll see her Friday afternoon and I'm sure I'll be tired of all the dozens of stories by Saturday noon.

So keep me honest this week, ok? Make sure I'm doing my work. There's no reason I shouldn't have reached 260 (the goal for my new Wii game) before she comes home Friday. Right? it's only 4 lbs to go and I have all the exercise time in the world!

Also, I'm excited about my Dr. appointment on Tuesday. I didn't think I would EVER say that. This lady better show adequate awe over how I'm doing on this new lifestyle!

Now, to go read my new Geneen Roth book! Woman is a GENIUS!

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  1. GR is BEYOND a genius huh?
    in her latest book and in all things shes done.

    and the camp? lordy :) Im already dreading that and mine is just FOUR :)

    kudos for letting her go.
    roots and wings huh?

    *sigh* :)



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