07 May 2012

The breakfast experiment

Today is day 2 of my breakfast experiment.

Yesterday was scrambled eggs, plain for breakfast and I felt decent afterward, didn't get too hungry, and didn't feel at all logy until after my 1 pm spaghetti lunch.

Today was scrambled tofu. I've never cooked or eaten tofu before and I may have gone a little overboard in the seasoning, because hubby kept telling me how important seasoning is. I can't say it's something I'd ever find myself. I feel a little hungry 3 hours later. I'm not sure what's on deck for lunch, but I'm certainly starting  to think about it. I had a little headache starting and some uncomfortable feeling in my arms. Maybe soy is not the way for me to go.

Tomorrow morning, oatmeal. Traditionally, the feeling of oatmeal in my mouth has made me gag. I'm hoping for a miracle tomorrow. I purchased some organic instant maple and pecan concoction  that sounded  yummy and I thought the nuts might help me a bit with the texture issues. I don't really enjoy food that I don't have to chew. Perhaps that's a sensory integration problem, as it was occurring to me this morning with the tofu.

So the idea is to eat 7 days in a row 7 very different healthy breakfasts and pay attention to how my body reacts each day. In this way, I can dicscover which foods are the most beneficial to my own bio-individuality and which might cause certain sensitivities.

Day 4 will be boxed cereal (I shudder at the idea of mixed textures of cereal and milk together), Day 5 will be a healthy muffin, day 6 will be all fruit, and day 7 will be all vegetables.  This isn't an ongoing breakfast plan by any means, or even a weight loss program. It's just a means of discovering how my own body reacts to different types of food.


  1. I'll be interested to read the final conclusions.

  2. Hi Karen;
    Today I've concluded that for ME, soy is not the answer. My kid and I both have low grade headaches, and I've been an emotional weirdo half the day. I've also experienced excessive thirst and had some fibro pain. Nothing debilitating, but different enough from my usual mood and feelings that I can say restricting soy might be in my best interest!

  3. tofu is gross!! I had steel cut oatmeal today and its not slimy at all, in fact it was kinda chewy, like warm granola. Be careful with the instant stuff it often has lots of preservatives that make "instant".
    Well done - you're so adventurous!!

  4. I love this! There is no better way to know what you want and what you don't want unless you try it all! Way to get down and dirty!


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