29 April 2011

checking in

I read The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz recently and am incorporating as much as I can into my daily life. Look here in the near future for reflections on how they apply to health and wellness.

My mind is so distracted and disorganized lately. I've got to gain the focus I had 6 months ago. I really miss reading everyone's blogs, and yet I can't justify spending so much time online.

I really should weigh myself.

See today's post on my writing/opinion blog and tell me what you think.


  1. I have been trying to find my focus and determination I had a few months ago as well. Things are changing around here and have given me a sense of renewal and I have started again with that same determination and focus I once had. I hope that you find that as well.

    I understand not being able to justify all the time online. If I spend a lot of time online, it means that I am not being as active as I should be and not taking care of the things that I should be.

    If I can get back at it, so can you! Winter is hard but now it is almost over and hopefully with spring, all of us that have lost our way will get back on track through the inspiration of all of the life that spring brings with it. And besides, I am hoping that one spring, when the bathing suits come out, I won't feel depressed about not looking good in one because I will be able to actually wear one and look hot!

  2. I hope that you find it helpful...

  3. Link to your other blog, please :>

  4. You should be able to find them by looking at my profile :)


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