11 March 2011

Treating myself/my friend

Although I've been feeling much better, you can tell I'm still not "focused" on blogging. I am treating myself to some fiction these days before diving into the newly released Geneen Roth book. I'm reading the brand new Jodi Picoult novel on my Kindle and I am.loving.it.  I intend to emerge on the other side of this fiction binge any day now and also knit a baby blanket or two in the meantime. I also fully intend to hit the gym Monday morning and later in the day go see my BFF and her newly shaved head.

I can't tell you how proud I am of her. It's not just that she's raising tons of money and having her own head shaved. She actually is organizing the event, recruiting other shavees and, collecting donations for a silent auction. She has no fear. I adore her. She's making a difference in the world and helping kids that she doesn't even know. I love you, dude!


  1. My internet was messed up the other day but I have to say I did not know the last Earth Children book was coming out!

    I'm going to have to look for it!

  2. Good to know that you're enjoying the latest Jodi Picoult book, the last few of hers I've read I've enjoyed but they've kind of left me unsatisfied! Like they didn't end right for me. Will give this a go.

  3. Just finished Jodi's book a few days ago... on the treadmill:)

  4. Awww, I am verclempt! I love you!

  5. That's pretty cool what Mandy is doing. Gotta love a person with no fear. Geneed Roth has a new book out? Must check it out.

    Glad you ARE going to the gym on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I think that's terrific. And anyone who can get past the vanity of having a full head of hair, is a rockstar in my eyes!

  7. Just in here to say that I HEART Jodi Picoult. Her books are fantastic and I zone out big time when I read them.

    I also like Lisa Gardner's mysteries/thrillers for the same reason.

    OH! And have you tried Diane Chamberlain? Her writing style is pretty similar to Jodi's writing.


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