11 March 2011

so much for spring

Two hour delay today - so no gym time for me. I'll be hittin the Wii later for sure though! Other good news: no more paczki reside in my house. Sweetie was kind enough to eat them up and most of the girl scout cookies too. He is so good to me. I love him.

I can't believe the beautiful snow that was dumped on us after our pond was finally all melted and the ducks had begun to nest. And their food is covered with snow now.  I hope they can find it. I took some pictures of the loveliness this morning and will try to get time to come back and share them with you later.

In other news, some people are just bitches. They are ALWAYS looking to be offended by something or start a fight. They can't look past their own little world far enough to muster compassion for other living things or care about the impact of their actions/choices on others. These are the kinds of people I know I need to elminate from my life and yet . . . I don't want to make trouble. WTF is up with that? I'm sure it's not healthy, this unreasonable attachment to toxic people. Sometimes, they are friends of friends and I'll run into them from time to time IRL it makes it really awkward for me. Why am I afraid of a little discomfort? What is it that I think is going to happen?  Am I waiting for them to dump me first?  I really need to surround myself with positiveness and light, not selfishness and small mindedness. I don't need to worry about snarky comments from others or what they're going to say about me. And really? Who the hell cares what Defiance, Ohio thinks about me anyway. Know what? I think I'll use this to motivate me to work out harder today! Anger is a good fuel.


  1. Thumbs down to more snow; thumbs up to no more paczki. Tis' true, some people are always looking to be offended and start a fight. It's difficult to be a compassionate person nowadays. A lot of people just don't seem to care, but there are many that do and those are the people that I want to be around. My saying is, "Your opinion of me is none of my business." Have a good weekend, bud.

  2. It's not true of course. I *do* care what people think about me. Especially in my small home town but the fact is that nobody there really knows me or ever did. The few people who did have moved away and I still do have some friends there that I care about a great deal (Hi Kim!) but I have to deal with the fact that my sister has told people there for years that I violently ripped her hair out and created scar tissue so that it wouldn't regrow. There's no way I can change it.

    And as for other bitches and people with small minds . .. they'll always be there - and everywhere, really - with their own agendas. God knows, I've got plenty of friends without them. So yeah, I was frustrated this morning when I wrote this but now . . . I am calm, peaceful, and feeling quite free now that I've been unburdened.

    Moody much? Yes,I am.


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