03 February 2011

Looks like school today!

My workout will be going to our house in the city and shovelling. Or maybe I'll take the snowblower and try to make that work. I've never used it before, but according to  Sweetie, it's still quite a bit of work. Not a fancy self-propelled doo dad, but something BIL scored at a rummage sale for $5 many years ago that we never tried to work until yesterday. Thing is, I really don't want the dirty, smelly machine in the car we specifically chose because of it's hauling capabilities. 

But, I think there is a neighbor over there that might loan me his better snowblower, so I'm going with that. I'll pay him for the gas, of course. Morevoer, I'll hope he takes pity on me and just does the driveway and I'll shovel the rest.

Later today we have the Global Summit which is an event Kiddo and I are really excited about. With our KIDS FOR PEACE group, we will have a booth showing kids what they can do to help around the world. Other booths will be diverse peoples from our community, and a skype booth set up to where kids can talk to others around the world. What a great opportunity for our little corner of the planet.


  1. Sounds like you are digging out just like we are!
    What a GREAT way for kids to learn about each other - Kids for Peace sounds like a fantastic program (I wish we had that kind of thing when we were kids!) Hope it goes well ;)

  2. See you at the Summit. That skype booth sounds great!
    I think people would come to another book swap in a month or so, especially if you were serving munchies! I don't think drinks/ or the lack of would make a difference. I'd be there.

  3. Snow, snow go away ... Hope your neighbour has pity on you. The Kids for Peace sounds awesome. What a wonderful thing to be involved in and a great idea. Peace is a good thing.

  4. It sounds like a great event for the kids!

  5. Lord I hope you can borrow the good snowblower-I know what a godsend they are!!! And how cool is that kid peace thing? I think any way that kids can learn tolerance and about other cultures is invaluable!

    Polar's Mom

  6. sounds like an awesome kids group!


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