23 January 2011

I no likie weekends.

So, yesterday was a waste of a day. I spent 5 hours in a heatless house waiting for a contractor from Home Depot that never showed. Then I spoke with the store manager and ended up promising to never to business with his company in my lifetime. Sweetie is at Lowe's right now looking for an alternative. I was angrier last night at HD than I have been with anybody in a long long time. It was not pretty. I was enraged. There WILL be a manifesto written and sent to HD customer service. Once I am calm enough to stop using the most satisfying of all naughty words.  It might be a day or two.

I am sick and tired of my flat, lifeless hair today. I don't use "product" in my hair other than JASON fragrance free shampoo and most of the year that works for me. I like to pretend I'm not vain, but this hair is getting on my nerves. (No, Mandy, I will not be shaving my head.)

I'm craving warm cookies and brownies today, right out of the oven. Luckily, I don't have the ambition to make them.

This week will be a full one - supposed to be donating '95 Monte Carlo (my baby!) to charity, getting issues at the "rental" house fixed up fromt eh break-in, volunteering at church, and general getting-the-house-in-order maintenance. I also have to get back in touch with the equip people and see if I can try another mask for the CPAP. Even with the chin strap, this one isn't working.I've lucked out enough 2 days to get a half-night sleep but if it's not consistent, it isn't worth it. I have bruised cheekbones from the tightness of the mask, but any loser and it loses it's seal and makes horrid noises that nobody could sleep through.  I'm determined to make the damn thing work.


  1. I can see why you were choked at HD. A lot of stress in your life this week. Sucks! My hair is the same and I use gel otherwise it would be like Justin Bieber's (not that I listen to him or anything - lol - I don't).

    As far as C-Pap goes, keep trying. It can take awhile. When I was at my arthritis doc the other day he said lots of people die from Apnea in their sleep due to carbon monoxide build up. I don't want to be dramatic here, but I do think it's a serious issue - otherwise I wouldn't be wearing the crap thing myself. My husband has to wear a mask, chin strap and tape his mouth shut. Nothing else works for him. But he gets tape from the drug store - for wound closures, that's gentle and easy to remove so it doesn't pull the skin off his lips. Although, sometimes it does. Poor guy, he doesn't even have a weight problem and he has to use one. It's so bad for him now that he cannot even sleep without it as he snorts himself awake every couple of minutes. I may have said this all before, but please, please, please try again and again...and then again.

  2. Thanks. Like I said, I'm determined to make it work. I feel like 2 weeks has been giving it a fair share. I'm gonna see what else they got :)

  3. I am so sorry for everything you have been going through, I am sure HD was the last straw, rightfully so.

  4. Oh, man, crappy HD. I hate shopping there because for some reason they never seem to have what I want. I think I'm a Lowe's girl now.
    I'm sure you can find the happy medium with your CPAP mask-and it is totally worth it, I agree!!
    Seems like you have alot on your plate, I hope everything lines up for you!

    Polar's Mom

  5. The winter our heater went out (about 7 years ago) it was 25 below zero. Thank goodness we went with a local service co that took care of and replaced our heater within one day. Hope you have heat by now!

  6. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! Are those platypuses in your picture? They're adorable! Does your CPAP help you? I probably need one, but I think it sounds like more trouble than it's worth :-/ There may have been a better way to tell you these things than by commenting right here, but if there is, I don't know about it :D


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