31 January 2011

Busy Monday

And it's started already!

Sweetie has to be into work at 7 am today - super early for him. Shaving already. I think he might make it! I love that we live so close to work now.

I'm definitely hitting the gym this morning and afterwards I get to go to the medical equipment office and get a different type of CPAP mask. I have high hopes that this one will work. It's been so frustrating trying to get used to the first one.

Then I'm supposed to go do some volunteering - things I would normally do on Wednesday but because of the impending snow dump I'm trying to get them out of the way today.

I'm back to my daily weigh ins. This morning i'm down 2 lbs. For some reason gaining 5 lbs in January seems infinitely more manageable than 7.

I really need to go grocery shopping before school is out as well.  I may be able to put it off until tomorrow, but with the ice and snow predicted tonight . . . well, not optimal. We have plenty of groceries so if I don't get to it, it'll be okay  - I just wanted to try some new recipes this week and need a few things.


  1. Sounds like your going to get a lot done today! We're going to get hit with major snow on Wednesday.

  2. Best of luck with a new mask-they better get it right already! And I hope your snow dump isn't monumental...

    Polar's Mom

  3. Good luck with the daily weigh ins if that is what works for you. Enjoy the snow, it is a low carb food you know :-)


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