18 January 2011

Back on the exercise trail!

20 minutes on the eliptical this a.m., upper body weights, and then 15 min on a bike. The best part was being with my girl posse. It was good to see them after a long, long weekend.

Not bad for feeling like the plague is settling in. Pain in eyes, ears, throat. Coughing/chest congestion evident after doing weights. General allover muscle  stiffness. Grumpy and fatigued.

Burger and soda for lunch made me feel taken care of for the moment so i'm not gonna let that high-cal choice bring me down. Healthy, light breakfast this am and lots of water trying to float this cold/virus away. Stopped at the produce market in the city before coming back to the burbs. Loaded up on kiwi, pineapple, bananas, nectarines, and stuff like that. Almost bought some stunning looking strawberries before I realized they were $5 per pound. I wasn't sure we'd be able to make use of everything i was buying, so decided against it. We have frozen berries anyway which I'll have to find some non-smoothie use for, any suggestions?

I think I'll read/take a nap now that my final load of laundry is going.


  1. Yay for working out - it is the best!!!! Way to go.

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon. Colds are sure making the rounds and I think you're at the tail end of it. Back on the exercise trail - yahoo! I just keep telling myself that no matter what I do - eat too much, miss a work-out - I have to go back to it. Back to my forever life. So you're feeling crappy and eat something you think isn't a good choice. Right back at it next meal, next snack...next second.

  3. Oh no are you catching the crud? Seems everyone is getting sick! Take care of yourself!

    Polar's Mom


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