14 December 2010


When Biggest Loser started this last season, I promised myself that next season - next season, there would be nobody on the show starting off with a lower weight than me.

Now Allison drops the bomb that the next season is only THREE WEEKS AWAY?? WHAT?!?!?!  I thought I had more time. I guess I"ve always thought I had more time. 

Twice the number of contestants next time, and 2 new trainers.

There are some REALLY large people on next season. I hope there are none lighter than me, but I've got to kick it into gear in the next 3 weeks and set the bar even lower.

This is the first season I've ever watched the whole way through. Usually I lose interet when they get lighter than me. Who wants to watch other people succeed, after all? Apparently, this new me does. I'm enjoying the finale and I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet.



  1. You'll get there. Even if you're not lighter than any of them, you'll be losing weight along with them, and you'll be at your target weight eventually. When that happens, *all* of them will be heavier than you.

  2. I love the Biggest Looser, we get it much later than you. They tried to replicate it a couple of times in the UK but it doesn't seem to work. I too hate it when they get lighter than me!

  3. This is one of the few seasons I've watched all the way through too! Before, it really was kind of depressing seeing them drop HUGE numbers every week. The more focused I get though, the more excited I am at seeing their losses because I feel like I'm doing this right along with them- just at a slower pace and without anyone yelling at me- unfortunately ;) Seeing them get lighter almost feels like a preview of what's to come for me too now!


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