07 December 2010

Oh yeah, Tuesday? Take THIS!

Breakfast was a 150 calorie Sweet & Salty bar and lots of water, multi vitamin and fish oil supplement. Yummy!

Gym today, met with friend and did the 15 minute warm up on treads. We're supposed to do 10 minutes, but we were talking . . . then I did upper body weights and then we finished up with SEVENTEEN minutes on the elipticals. Impressed? You should be!  I should've pushed myself for 20. That can be my goal for tomorrow.

Then I met another coupla girlfriends at a Scholastic book warehouse sale and dropped $50 or so, and then undid all my hard work at the gym by eating chicken alfredo at Olive Garden. Enjoyed it immensely. Dinner will be extra-light to non-existent for me tonight.  Lots and lots of water.

I still haven't had any Pepsi, Aunt Flo has arrived early for my birthday, and I'm doing ok with my friend Voltaren.

Tomorrow Kiddo has a delayed start in school and it's unclear whether or not I'm volunteering at school in the morning. I hope not because I really don't want to miss my workout. Who the hell said that?

After school we are doing a last ditch effort to find change laying around the house and taking it to the CoinStar machine. The money will go to our Kids for Peace group who is purchasing gifts for underpriveleged families of the world through Heifer International.  Just our house has found $20 so far. I can't wait to see what the whole group comes up with!  Then we'll get the last of our cookie ingredients and come home and possibly start baking cookies although I'm thinking of waiting until tomorrow, hoping my cramps subside a little by then.


  1. I know I haven't commented much on here lately (Kinda busy) but just a quick note to say that you've made some real progress since I first started reading your blog. You should be really proud of yourself. Heck, you should go back and read some of your old entries and compare them to how you feel now. You've come a great distance. Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  2. Great job dropping the pepsi! That's amazing. Way to go on the goals at the gym. Those 20 minutes will be flying by in no time.

  3. what happened with breakfast being the best start of the day?? I cannot live my day without eating breakfast. its bad being diabetic like i am. shouldn't you eat more for breakfast since you are working out and doing more in the day.??

  4. I eat when I'm hungry, Monica, until I'm not hungry any more. I was borderline diabetic when I began and I'm in the clear now, so I guess it's working :)


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