06 December 2010

I survived!

Another day at the gym - a workout mostly by myself with a friend showing up for my last 10 minutes of cardio/her warm up. Lifted more weight with my legs today . .. . tomorrow I'll do upper body but I still can't get through 3 sets of 12 reps on most of those machines yet, so no adding on there. I feel like a big wimp, but it'll get better (right?)

A whole day without Pepsi. Sweet, icecold, bubbly, goodness . . .how I miss you.
It's not the only addiction I quit today. Can anybody guess what else I quit? (no fair Mandy, I already told you).

I'm another day closer to my 80th birthday, another day further from my 40th.

6 servings of fruit and 200 oz of water have kept me busy today. Also finished a craft, did some shopping, caught up on laundry (except for putting away) and actually considered asking Sweetie to bring down the xmas tree.

Tomorrow - workout at the gym, then off to meet friends at a Scholastic warehouse sale, lunch, and then quick shopping for the last of cookie ingredients. We're going to end up making good old fashioned fattening cookies. I'll put them in my beautiful cookie jar and try to forget about them.  I really love to bake. This will be fun. I just need to clean up the kitchen a bit first. Bigget Loser tomorrow night. Yay! Go Ada! Go Ada!

I'm feeling a bit more in control of things tonight, even my bladder. Sneezes are always iffy, but you gotta keep pounding down that water. Stopping the pop was a good call, gave me something else to feel good about, another accomplishment to work towards. So far so good. Thank you Voltaren!


  1. awesome work at the gym! and wow 54 pounds is unbelievable =) keep it up girl!

  2. Cool about the Pepsi - I tried to quit Monster drinks and ended up with a migrane!!!

  3. That is so awesome you are cutting the Pepsi... my MIL was addicted and drank every day... drover her to congestive heart failure and we eventually lost her. Now I try to keep my hubs from drinking it too regularly. Water is the best!

    Way to survive... and even thrive! ;)


  4. YAYYYY, you survived! Tonight is tough. It's 3AM, I've just finished 1/4 L of coffee and I'm going back to writing a paper on obesity, lol. I had to deactivate my facebook to keep from getting distracted. Too bad I can't deactivate my blog for awhile, lol. Oh, well!

  5. I won't tell what else you quit, but I'm glad you did! Big day today! Have fun and I'll hopefully catch you tonight after I get done with school!

  6. I'm guessing that you quit smuggling cocaine from Cuba. Am I right???


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