16 December 2010


I got a traffic ticket last night for running a red light. I don't think it was yellow yet when I entered the intersection, but I'm just probably going to pay the $123.00 instead of dealing with the anxiety of contesting it. Really, I will spend over a hundred bucks, all my bday money and then some, to not have to speak in front of people. I wonder if shock therapy would help. Oh wait, I'm probably too big of a chicken to find that out.

I will not start thinking about my upcoming sleep study.

Working out at home today, probably Walk It Out and Just Dance 2 combo.

I've found that elminating my breakfast Pepsi has made an impact on my feeding schedule. I'm ready for food again about an hour after my initial morning snack. Whole grain bread with natural peanut butter seemed to satisfy it.  But then I'm not hungry again until late afternoon. Then I end up eating something stupid because I don't plan ahead properly. Like Wendy's new fries. Damn, they're good. DO NOT TRY THEM!!!

So, I've got to maybe change up my breakfast and see if I can get back on schedule. okay, I know I'm totally loopy now because the word "schedule" doesn't look right now matter how I spell it.


  1. Total bummer about the ticket!! I hate unfair things! We recently were cheated out of hundreds of dollars of our rental deposit. I could take them to small claims court but when do I have time for that. It has become another thing to "let go" and not destroy my happiness (at least not for too long). Keep counting the blessings... ya know!

    Maybe you should try just eating every 2 and half to 3 hours... like clock work. Keeps your metabolism going and your blood sugar levels not so spikey. I am so sold on that myself. Smaller portions every 2-3 hours.

    Okay Laney... time to kick it in gear and let this other crap go... there too much joy to miss. "Sieze the day with Joy!!!" Remember, you are a rockstar girl!


  2. Dang sorry about the ticket. Here in AZ you have to pay the fine, PLUS go to traffic school for red light running!!

    And THANK YOU for the warning on Wendy's new frys!! My hubs wont shut up about them he wants to try them so bad.... but I havent given in yet, and now reading they are toooo good, I WONT! lol!!

  3. Sorry about the ticket, Lanie. I hate that. About a year ago when I was still heavy, I had a handicap placard that I used when we went shopping and places that required a lot of walking. I was still using a wheelchair then. We forgot to put the tag up and got a ticket. I was planning to fight it but then realized my placard was expired. We had to pay $150. It wasn't long after that though that I was down enough weight to walk without the wheelchair and so we never had the placard renewed. Now, I enjoy parking farther from the entrance to places and walking the extra distance. It feels good to be healthy enough to get around under my own steam.

  4. You'll be alright! I did JD2 this morning and will do some WIO later.

  5. I love how you told us how great the new fries are and then included the "DO NOT TRY THEM!!!" disclaimer. You are my hero!

    I know that dieting in general can really mess with our normal eating routines. You've been reading my blog for awhile now so you know I've expressed my own frustrations with this side-effect as well. Of course I will not pretend to have all the answers because you all know, as well as I do, that I am a mere padawan (google that word, you'll laugh your ass off) of dieting. However, I've found that, for me, keeping enough fruit in the house to make my own Carmen Miranda hat does help. Just food for thought. (Pun intended).

  6. p.s. I liked your countdown widget so I added a few to my own blog: I hope you don't mind. :)

  7. Ugh...I HATE taffic tickets!

    What are you looking for out a breakfast? Certain number of calories? A certain amount?

    Maybe we could give you some suggestions. :)

  8. fwiw, shock therapy is an excellent treatment for severe depression when medication trials have not worked, but it does nothing for anxiety.

    treating my apnea made a huge difference in my energy and happiness. i hope your study goes well.

    and, I agree, wendy's fries are really, really good.


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