18 November 2010

Zumba & Body Sculpt + possible gym membership

This morning I did an hour Body Sculpt class with my friend before the hour Zumba class. I feel sore/stiff/GOOD. 

I have a free membership until the end of the year for this ladies-only gym now. I'm planning on taking full advantage of it even though it isn't THAT close to me. I need to get more friends to go with me because it is OH SO MUCH FUNNER with a friend. I had forgotten how much I missed my old workout buddy so I'm going to try to get her a free membership too since we both dropped our Y memberships.  Then, rumor has it that they are offering a $99 black friday membership.

Ok, gotta do clarinet lessons yet, eat, pack a goodie bag,

Oh yeah - my kid is student of the  month :)


  1. I am trying to get to Zumba one day this week for the first time, I am going with a friend. Should be a hoot !

    Congrats on two workouts girl ~

  2. Woohoo on the student of the month! And being fired up about working out. Good for you.

    Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  3. Great news on your child and the free membership - two wooohoos!


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