19 November 2010

Can I go to bed now?

I've done a lot today, including a mile long powerwalk with the Wii and sorting though boxes and boxes of clutter. These boxes will need to be moved out of my living room and entry way well before Thursday. I've got my kitchen looking fairly good again, just need to get the desk area back in order and then do the floor.

Tomorrow I take a cat to the vet and then attend a Holiday Tea. Then I drop Kiddo off at the skating rink and home to see what Sweetie and his father have accomplished while the 3 generations of "ladies" were at their "tea."  I suddenly wish that I had a wide-brimmed hat with flowers. Oh well, it would probably class with my sweatpants, anyway.

I'm hoping kiddo will stay overnight then at her friend's party. It would be nice for me and Sweetie to have time to ourselves. Sunday is a long church day with bread communion and origami crane making or some such fun afterwards. The rest of the day will be spent prepping for turkey day.  Besides my pumkin pudding and turkey breast, I have no idea what's on the menu. We need to figure that out soon!


  1. I say you can go to bed now. It's only 8 and I'm tempted to lay in bed with a book. I wish we had "teas" in Texas. Maybe I should start one? And I would certainly buy a wide brimmed crazy funky hat.

  2. I had a friend who had Tea Time (in Texas)
    She called it something like
    "Nice Ladies In Hats" or something like that,
    from a movie "The Faces Of Eve"
    (or something like that)
    Anyways, the hat thing is a great idea!


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