20 November 2010

So much fun Saturday

Ro-Z went to the vet this morning. She has an ongoing issue with itching and we can't seem to figure out what it is that annoys her allergies so much. So, every few months she goes in for a shot.

Our church had an afternoon holiday tea. So much fun. I have never been to anything quite like this before. Kiddo wore a fancy dress complete with hat with flower. She was a star.

The menu. I'm not patient enough to figure out how to rotate it in blogger

 Eggnog berry punch. Yum!
 cranberry bread pudding and gelato (mmmm. . . gelato)
 pretty teacup
 another pretty teacup
tiny flavored cream cheese sandwiche of pumpkin bread and apple bread. tasty!

So today hasn't been a great diet day but it was a lot of fun. Kiddo went to a roller skating/slumber party afterwards and we trust that she's having a fun time. As soon as I lay down, I'm sure she'll call and ask to be picked up. This means no meds for me tonight in case I have to drive. I bet you'd all like to sit beside me in chruch tomorrow *twitch* *twitch*


  1. Wow the egg nog looks great and so do the little sandwiches.. Have a nice night.

  2. Ro-Z is adorable. Glad you had a fun day, and Kiddo too. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Wow - That looks like quite the spread!

  4. Our dog used to get allergy shots. Pills, other meds for other things. Sigh.


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