25 October 2010

Where will you be in 5 years?

I read something pretty absurd recently about there being no bloggers in this realm who have been dieting for 5 years.  I know, I know - Math is hard. However, most of the people I have read are people who have been dieting for their WHOLE LIVES and I'm pretty sure they're more than a few years old. When you keep doing the same thing and it doesn't work - it's time to try something else, like blogging.

I always hated the question "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" because I realize that it's unknowable. Before I was much older than 5, my life was completely unpredictible and sometimes quite unsafe. As much as we'd like to, even as adults, we humans cannot fully control our own destiny. Make good choices with the circumstances you are handed, sure! But to say you "know" where you will be in 5 years is pretty presumptous in my opinion. When put on the spot, I would always tell prospective employers that I hoped to still be working for them in a mutually beneficial role. I never had trouble getting gainful employment.  Today, it's the same thing. In 5 years, I hope to be continuing my healthy lifestyle that I've started now, living as a healthy (not obese) person physically and mentally. Things will undoubtedly happen that are beyond my control, but I have confidence at this point in my life that I can continue to make beneficial decisions that will keep me moving forward. I could lose life or limb and that would effect my health - duh. Nobody knows when or if that will happen.

Within five years? I think that weight loss bloggers of today will either succeed and not longer need a weight loss blog, or they will fail for various reasons and close their blog, or change it to something else that works for them. What you can control is your own attitude right now: try, do, achieve. Make goals and work towards them, sure . . but if things don't go as you planned, you'll have to adjust those plans to what.works.for.you.  Others may think they know what's best for everybody, what works for everyone, but they don't know. Usually these people are so devoid of compassion or empathy that they can't possibly imagine a life different than the one they themselves are living. These are often the same people, of course, that are constant "victims" of circumstance or making themselves out to be a martyr.  The bottom line is what works for you WORKS and judging others about their own choices is not going to support or help anybody.


  1. Five years from now! Yikes. Five years ago I am not sure I even knew what a blog was!

  2. I read that, too-I took it to mean that either people fail and quit, succeed, fail/start/fail/start or die within 5 years...that if a diet is adhered to and one takes in less calories than is needed then they should succeed within 5 years. Maybe I read it wrong? I'm confused now...

    Polar's Mom


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